New Website

For those of you who are following this blog, I first need to thank you for taking interest in my blog.  I have been absolutely blown away by you guys, so thank you thank you thank you for your interest in my writings. I have finally launched my own website…PARTY!!!!!  If you try access […]

A Tribute to Our Baby

As many of you have heard, this past weekend we were forced to let our beloved boxer, Mae, go.  It has been hard to put into words how I feel and just exactly what happened because it just happened so fast. Right now, we are at a lake house that belongs to R’s aunt, and […]

The Christian Consumer

You’ve heard it before…I left my church because… a) I didn’t connect with the worship b) the children’s program wasn’t strong enough c) the pastor just doesn’t preach topics I’m interested in d) they weren’t welcoming e) there wasn’t anybody my age f) there wasn’t anybody with my interests and on and on and on […]

Do Whatever the Heck You Want, Just Go Ahead and Do It.

“Love God, and do as you please.” My wife loves this quote, I hate it.  She can’t believe that I despise these words.  I do, however, believe that I have valid reasoning for my disdain. Most will see or hear this phrase and take it in the context in which it was originally said by […]

The Buzz About Babies

My husband has a wonderful thing in a prayer and accountability partner. He has an awesome wife too. If I can be half the wife and mom that she is, I’ll be thankful. This past week these dear friends of ours endured heartbreaking tragedy in the loss of their pregnancy. (You can read their story […]

Sometimes…we get bored

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes R and I get to just hang out.  The schedules of our marriage rarely intersect, but when they do, we have a grand ole time.  Since we don’t have a child to feed lemons or duct tape to walls, we play with Mae, our 4 year old boxer. […]

Feedly–so amazing

Attention members of the blogosphere, in case you hadn’t heard…Google Reader will soon be no more.  I rarely do reviews of anything on here, but this time I feel as though I must.  As the leading RSS reader, it seems weird to me that Google would be taking it to the dump, but that is […]

Dear Mom

A few days ago was Mother’s Day, and I know I called and talked to you…something I don’t do near enough, but there was something I didn’t talk to you about. I know that I rarely share what you mean to me, and that’s what I will attempt for you here.  Thank you for bringing me […]

Where Does Your Faith Bring You?

This question has been plaguing me for the last month or so, as much as I try, I can’t shake it. I’ve begun seeing more and more how faith and religion gets used as a weapon against fellow human beings, and it makes me quite sick to my stomach.  (see Westboro Baptist) I’ve seen a […]

Not Dead Yet

In case you were wondering, I’m still alive…not buried beneath the snow that continues to fall here in Minnesota.  I will be posting my first real post of 2013 soon enough.  But for now, I will say, hello, goodbye, and I look forward to finishing my thoughts about where faith leads us to soon. nj